Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Oct. 21

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This week's topic is:

Top New Series I Want To Start (New..let's say within the last year or two)

  1. Crossfire series by Sylvia Day
  2. The Young Elites by Marie Lu
  3. Atlantia by Ally Condie (at least I think it's a series)
  4. Off the Record by K.A. Linde
  5. Happenstance by Jamie Maguire (it's a serial, but I'm going to count it) :)
  6. Redemption series by Sarah Castille
  7. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
  8. His Fair Assassin by Robin LaFevers
  9. The Cahill Witch Chronicles by Jessica Spotswood
  10. Crewel World by Gennifer Albin

So what series interest you?  I would love to know!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Currently Reading: Panic by Lauren Oliver

Panic by Lauren Oliver
Obtained From: Library
Why I chose this one: I love Lauren Oliver and had to try out this new series

Date Started:10/14/14 (and I will f inish it today (the 15th), read over 300 pages just last night, that's how engrossing it is!)

About Panic:
Panic began as so many things do in Carp, a dead-end town of 12,000 people in the middle of nowhere: because it was summer, and there was nothing else to do.

Heather never thought she would compete in Panic, a legendary game played by graduating seniors, where the stakes are high and the payoff is even higher. She’d never thought of herself as fearless, the kind of person who would fight to stand out. But when she finds something, and someone, to fight for, she will discover that she is braver than she ever thought.

Dodge has never been afraid of Panic. His secret will fuel him, and get him all the way through the game, he’s sure of it. But what he doesn't know is that he’s not the only one with a secret. Everyone has something to play for.

For Heather and Dodge, the game will bring new alliances, unexpected revelations, and the possibility of first love for each of them—and the knowledge that sometimes the very things we fear are those we need the most.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Currently Listening: Foolish Games by Tracy Solheim (Out of Bounds #2)

Foolish Games by Tracy Solheim (Out of Bounds #2)
Obtained From: Tantor Media for review at Ramblings from This Chick
Why I chose this one: This series interested me.  I love sports romance books and the first one was amazing!

Date Started:10/9/14

About Foolish Games:
A Hail Mary play for the heart.

Bridal gown designer, Julianne Marchione knows better than to lose her head at a client’s wedding. But, much to her embarrassment, a mix of migraine medication and a smoking hot football player lead to a steamy one night stand resulting in a surprise pregnancy. Julianne has every intention of leaving her NFL hookup far in the past until her son, Owen, is born with a life-threatening blood disorder that requires a transfusion—and Julianne is not a match.

Will "William the Conqueror” Connelly grew up tough, shouldering the stigma of being a bastard child born on the wrong side of the tracks. He refuses to let any child face the same discrimination. When he finds out about Owen, he’s furious that Julianne kept his son a secret. But when he sees her again at the hospital, he realizes that his feelings for her go far beyond anger.

Will insists that Owen recuperate at his home in North Carolina, and he’s adamant that Julianne become his wife—even if it’s only a temporary marriage in name only. But will their simmering attraction ever lead to a real connection?  Or are they just playing foolish games?

Currently Reading: Private: L.A. by James Patterson and Mark T. Sullivan

Private: L.A. by James Patterson and Mark T. Sullivan
Obtained From: library
Why I chose this one: finish up my catch-up on James Patterson Private series (and his other series, I think this is the last one and I am caught up on his series until new ones release)

Date Started:10/12/14

About Private: L.A.:
Private Jack Morgan investigates the disappearance of the biggest superstar couple in Hollywood.

Thom and Jennifer Harlow are the perfect couple, with three perfect children. They maybe two of the biggest mega movie stars in the world, but they're also great parents, philanthropists and just all-around good people.

When they disappear without a word from their ranch, facts are hard to find. They live behind such a high wall of security and image control that even world-renowned Private Investigator Jack Morgan can't get to the truth. But as Jack keeps probing, secrets sprout thick and fast--and the world's golden couple may emerge as hiding behind a world of desperation and deception that the wildest reality show couldn't begin to unveil. Murder is only the opening scene.

What Are You Reading Monday #8

Come post weekly and see what others are reading too just so you can add to your tbr - I always do! For more information see Sheila at One Persons Journey Through a World of Books and join in!

Books Completed Last Two Weeks:
  • The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand (library)
  • Tick Tock by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (library)
  • I, Michael Bennett by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (library)
  • Game on by Tracey Solheim (for Ramblings from this Chick)
  • Gone by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
Reading Now: 
  • Private: L.A. by James Patterson & Mark T. Sullivan
  • Foolish Games by Tracey Solheim (for Ramblings from this Chick)
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (just because) 
  • The Betrayed by Heather Graham (review)
  • Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline (library)
  • Happenstance #1 by Jamie Maguire
Summary -
Busy week, I was sick, my oldest son was sick, there were football games to attend.  We watched movies as a family all weekend and I started up crocheting again.  The husband an I also had a much-needed date night which was wonderful.  I still managed to finish quite a few books.  Most of them were early in the week while I was sick and before things went crazy.  But it was a great week except for the sickness.  Now if I only had Columbus Day off like my kids who are off having a great time playing with the grandparents (my parents) ...  Also looks like it's time to get some reviews done.

So how was your week?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Currently Reading: I, Michael Bennett by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

I, Michael Bennett by James Patterson
Obtained From: Library
Why I chose this one:  I just finished book #4 in this series and it was really good so I decided to continue my James Patterson read-a-thon and read the next book in the series and truthfully because these books take little concentration and with multiple practices, homework for kids and life in general this is what I need.
Date Started: 10/7/14

About I, Michael Bennett:
Police officers shot 
Detective Michael Bennett arrests an infamous Mexican crime lord in a deadly chase that leaves Bennett's lifelong friend Hughie McDonough dead. From jail, the prisoner vows to rain epic violence down upon New York City-and to get revenge on Michael Bennett. 
Judges murdered 
To escape the chaos, Bennett takes his ten kids and their beautiful nanny, Mary Catherine, on a much-needed vacation to his family's cabin near Newburgh, New York. But instead of the calm and happy town he remembers from growing up, they step into a nightmare worse than they could have ever imagined. Newburgh is an inferno of warring gangs, and there's little the police-or Bennett-can do to keep the children safe. 
Target: Michael Bennett 
As violence overwhelms the state, Bennett is torn between protecting his hometown and saving New York City. A partner in his investigations, federal prosecutor Tara McLellan, brings him new weapons for the battle-and an attraction that endangers his relationship with Mary Catherine. A no-holds-barred, pedal-to-the-floor, action-packed novel, I, Michael Bennett is James Patterson at his most personal and most thrilling best.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Oct. 7

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  So go there to check out more info, link up and see the future topics. 

This week's topic is:

Ten Books For Readers Who Like Character Driven Novels

  • Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker (and One Little Lie)
  • The Nova Series by Jessica Sorenson (Breaking Nova, Saving Quinton, etc.)
  • Then Came You by Jill Shalvis

  • Pieces of Olivia by Melissa West
  • Upside Down by Lia Riley
  • Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

  • Arranged by Catherine McKenzie
  • The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand
  • In This Moment by Autumn Doughton

  • Straddling the Line by Jaci Burton
What's on your list? Share your link or share some of your suggestions to me in the comments.